1. Baron
2. battalion: also bn

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Common Semitic noun *bn-, son, and feminine derivative *bint-, daughter.
I. Common Semitic *bn-.
a. bar mitzvah, from Aramaic bar, bound form of bərā, son;
b. Barabbas, from Aramaic bar-ʾabbā, son of the father (probably a nickname, or a joking name for a bastard; ʾabbā, father; see ʾb);
c. Barnabas, from Aramaic bar-nəbô, son of Nabu (nəbô, Nabu, Akkadian deity, from Akkadian nabû).
a. B'nai B'rith, from Hebrew bənê, plural bound form of bēn, son;
b. Benjamin, from Hebrew binyāmîn, son of the right hand, from bin-, frozen bound form of bēn (yāmîn, right hand, south; see ymn).
II. Common Semitic *bint-.
a. bat mitzvah, from Hebrew bat (< *batt < *bitt < *bint), daughter;
b. Bathsheba, from Hebrew bat-šebaʿ (see šbʿ).
2. bint, from Arabic bint, daughter.

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