O'Neill, Shane

O'Neill, Shane

▪ Irish patriot
byname  Shane the Proud , Irish  Shane An-Diomais 
born c. 1530
died June 2, 1567, near Cushendun, County Antrim, Ire.

      Irish patriot, among the most famous of all the O'Neills.

      Shane, the eldest legitimate son of Conn O'Neill, was a chieftain whose support the English considered worth gaining; but he rejected overtures from the Earl of Sussex (Sussex, Thomas Radcliffe, 3rd earl of), the lord deputy, and refused to help the English against the Scottish settlers on the coast of Antrim. He allied himself instead with the MacDonnells, the most powerful of these immigrants. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth I of England was disposed to come to terms with Shane, who after his father's death was de facto chief of the O'Neill clan. She recognized his claims to the chieftainship, thus throwing over a kinsman, Brian O'Neill. Shane, however, refused to put himself in the power of Sussex without a guarantee for his safety; and his claims were so exacting that Elizabeth determined to restore Brian. An attempt to incite the O'Donnells against him, however, was frustrated.

      Elizabeth, who was not prepared to undertake the subjugation of the Irish chieftain, urgently desired peace with him, especially when the devastation of his territory by Sussex brought him no nearer to submission. Sussex was not supported by the queen, who sent the Earl of Kildare to arrange terms with Shane. The latter agreed to present himself before Elizabeth. Accompanied by Ormonde and Kildare he reached London on Jan. 4, 1562. Elizabeth temporized; but finding that Shane was in danger of becoming a tool in the hands of Spanish intriguers, she permitted him to return to Ireland, recognizing him as “the O'Neill,” and chieftain of Tyrone.

      There were at this time three powerful contemporary members of the O'Neill family in Ireland—Shane, Turlough, and Hugh, 2nd Earl of Tyrone. Turlough had schemed to supplant Shane during Shane's absence in London. The feud did not long survive Shane's return to Ireland, where he reestablished his authority and renewed his turbulent tribal warfare. Elizabeth at last authorized Sussex to take the field against Shane, but two expeditions failed. Shane then laid the whole blame for his lawless conduct on the lord deputy's repeated alleged attempts on his life. Elizabeth consented to negotiate, and practically all Shane's demands were conceded.

      Shane then turned his hand against the MacDonnells, claiming that he was serving the Queen of England in harrying the Scots. He fought an indecisive battle with Sorley Boy MacDonnell (MacDonnell, Sorley Boy) near Coleraine in 1564, and in 1565 he routed the MacDonnells and took Sorley Boy prisoner near Ballycastle. This victory strengthened Shane O'Neill's position, but the English made preparations for his subjugation. The English invaded Donegal and restored O'Donnell. O'Neill was routed by the O'Donnells at Letterkenny; and seeking safety in flight, he threw himself on the mercy of his enemies, the MacDonnells. Attended by a small body of retainers and taking his prisoner Sorley Boy with him, he presented himself among the MacDonnells near Cushendun, on the Antrim coast. There, by premeditated treachery or in a sudden brawl, he was slain by the MacDonnells.

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