Lane, Harriet

Lane, Harriet

▪ American first lady
in full  Harriet Rebecca Lane , also called  Harriet Lane Johnston 
born May 9, 1830, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.
died July 3, 1903, Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island
 acting American first lady (1857–61), niece of bachelor James Buchanan (Buchanan, James), 15th president of the United States.

      Harriet Lane was the youngest child of Elliott Tole Lane, a merchant, and Jane Buchanan Lane. An orphan after the death of her father when she was 11 years old (her mother had died two years earlier), she requested that her favourite uncle, James Buchanan, be appointed her legal guardian. Buchanan, an unmarried Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, indulged his niece and her sister, enrolling them in boarding schools in Charleston, Virginia (later West Virginia), and then at the Academy of the Visitation Convent in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. When he was appointed minister to Great Britain in 1853, she accompanied him to London and received considerable attention for her beauty and vivaciousness—Queen Victoria (Victoria) even gave her the rank of ambassador's wife. Although there were reports of several proposals, she returned to the United States unmarried in 1855.

      Hailed by the press as the “Democratic Queen,” Harriet was a popular hostess during the four years of the Buchanan presidency. Women copied her hair and clothing styles, parents named their daughters for her, and a popular song ( "Listen to the Mockingbird" ) was dedicated to her. While in the White House, she used her position to promote social causes, such as improving the living conditions of Native Americans in reservations. She also made a point of inviting artists and musicians to White House functions. For both her popularity and her advocacy work, she has been described as the first of the modern first ladies.

      By the end of Buchanan's term, the sectional crisis had worsened—seven states had seceded by the time Buchanan left office in 1861—and Harriet happily retired from public life to return to Pennsylvania. With her uncle's approval, she married banker Henry Elliott Johnston on January 11, 1866. Her personal life, however, was marred by the deaths of her two children while they were still in their teens and by her husband's death a short time later. She left Wheatland, the Pennsylvania estate she had inherited from her uncle, and moved back to Washington, where she became involved in projects to care for needy children and to increase appreciation for the fine arts. She bequeathed her art collection to help found the National Collection of Fine Arts (part of the Fine Arts and Portrait Galleries of the Smithsonian Institution), and her example encouraged others to donate as well. She also willed a large sum to endow a facility for children, now known as the Harriet Lane Outpatient Clinics, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

      She died of cancer in 1903 and was buried in the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore.

Betty Boyd Caroli

Additional Reading
Excellent sources for information about Harriet Lane are Sally Smith Cahalan, James Buchanan and His Family at Wheatland (1988); Philip S. Klein, President James Buchanan: A Biography (1962, reissued 1995); Lloyd C. Taylor, Jr., “Harriet Lane—Mirror of an Age,” Pennsylvania History, 30 (2): 213–225 (April 1963); and Thomas M. Beggs, “Harriet Lane Johnston and the National Collection of Fine Arts,” Smithsonian Institution, Annual Report, 1954, pp. 443–48.

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