Japanese Red Army

Japanese Red Army

▪ militant organization
in full  United Red Army  Japanese  Rengo Sekigun 

      militant Japanese organization that was formed in 1969 in the merger of two far-left factions. Beginning in 1970, the Red Army undertook several major terrorist operations, including the hijacking of several Japan Air Lines airplanes, a massacre at Tel Aviv's Lod Airport (1972), and the seizure and occupation of embassies in various countries. In 1971–72 the organization underwent severe factional infighting that led to the execution of 14 of its militants by fellow Red Army members. These killings shocked the Japanese public and were followed by successful government prosecutions of many of the perpetrators. Although the Red Army remained quite small, its terrorist activities continued into the 1990s. At the beginning of the 21st century, several members were expelled from Jordan and returned to Japan, where they were arrested.

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