Esmarch, Friedrich von

Esmarch, Friedrich von

▪ German surgeon
in full  Johannes Friedrich August Von Esmarch  
born Jan. 9, 1823, Tönning, Schleswig-Holstein [Germany]
died Feb. 23, 1908, Kiel, Ger.

      German surgeon who is best known for his contributions to military surgery, including his introduction of the use of the first-aid bandage on the battlefield.

      Esmarch studied medicine at Kiel and Göttingen. He graduated in 1848 and in the same year was called up as army surgeon in the war with Denmark, during which he was taken prisoner by the Danes. After the war he returned to Kiel, where he became professor of surgery (1857). He saw further military service with the Prussian army against Denmark (1864), Austria (1866), and France (1870), when he held the rank of surgeon general. Esmarch wrote a handbook of military surgical technique and instituted training in first aid for civilian and military personnel. His manuals on first aid were the best in their field and were widely used. A patent of nobility was conferred upon him in 1887 by the German emperor.

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