/vik"teuhr/, n.
1. an ancient Roman epithet variously applied to Jupiter, Mars, and Hercules.
2. Mil. the NATO name for a class of nuclear-powered Soviet attack submarines.
3. a male given name.

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(as used in expressions)
Berger Victor Louis
Borge Victor
Bourgeois Léon Victor Auguste
Broglie Louis Victor Pierre–Raymond duke de
Debs Eugene Victor
Delacroix Ferdinand Eugène Victor
Godfrey of Saint Victor
Goldschmidt Victor Moritz
Gollancz Sir Victor
Herbert Victor August
Hess Victor Francis
Horta Victor Baron
Hugh of Saint Victor
Hugo Victor Marie
Léopold Louis Philippe Marie Victor
Pritchett Sir Victor Sawdon
Saint Léon Charles Victor Arthur Michel
Schally Andrew Victor
Sjöström Victor
Victor Seastrom
Varèse Edgard Victor Achille Charles
Vasarely Victor
Victor Emmanuel I
Vigny Alfred Victor count de
White Patrick Victor Martindale
Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas prince of Battenberg

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