/sahm"bahl/, n.
a condiment or side dish of Indonesia, Malaysia, and southern India, made with any of various ingredients, as vegetables, fish, or coconut, usually seasoned with chili peppers and spices and served with rice and curries.
[ < Malay < Tamil campal kind of relish, condiment, akin to camparam ingredients for curry, Telugu sambharam preparation of spices for seasoning, Marathi sãbhar seasoning for dal, all ult. reflecting Prakrit sambharei (he) garnishes, Skt sambharayati (he) causes to be brought together, deriv. with sam- SYN- and bhr- to BEAR1]

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▪ Indonesian relish
      in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine, a spicy relish served as a side dish. The basic sambal consists of fresh chilis, shrimp paste (trassi), lime juice, sugar, and salt. Though most sambals are uncooked, a sambal goreng is fried. Numberless variations can be created by the addition of vegetables, fruits, meats, and additional seasonings, notably ketjap manis, a sweet, spiced soy sauce.

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