/kreuh vas"/, n., v., crevassed, crevassing.
1. a fissure, or deep cleft, in glacial ice, the earth's surface, etc.
2. a breach in an embankment or levee.
3. to fissure with crevasses.
[1805-15, Amer.; < F; see CREVICE]

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Fissure or crack in a glacier resulting from stress produced by movement.

Crevasses range up to 65 ft (20 m) wide, 150 ft (45 m) deep, and several hundred yards long. Crevasses may be bridged by snow and become hidden, and they may close up as the glacier moves.

Crevasse in the Mozama Glacier on Mount Baker, Washington

Bob and Ira Spring

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 fissure or crack in a glacier resulting from stress produced by movement. Crevasses range up to 20 m (65 feet) wide, 45 m (148 feet) deep, and several hundred metres long. Most are named according to their positions with respect to the long axis of the glacier. Thus, there are longitudinal crevasses, which develop in areas of compressive stress; transverse crevasses, which develop in areas of tensile stress and are generally curved downstream; marginal crevasses, which develop when the central area of the glacier moves considerably faster than the outer edges; and bergschrund crevasses, which form between the cirque and glacier head. At the terminus of the glacier many crevasses may intersect each other, forming jagged pinnacles of ice called seracs. Crevasses may be bridged by snow and become hidden, and they may close up when the glacier moves over an area with less gradient.

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