/chop/, v., chopped, chopping, n.
1. to cut or sever with a quick, heavy blow or a series of blows, using an ax, hatchet, etc. (often fol. by down, off, etc.): to chop down a tree.
2. to make or prepare for use by so cutting: to chop logs.
3. to cut in pieces; mince (often fol. by up): to chop up an onion; to chop meat.
4. (in tennis, cricket, etc.) to hit (a ball) with a chop stroke.
5. to weed and thin out (growing cotton) with a hoe.
6. Fox Hunting. (of a hound or pack) to attack and kill (a fox that has not begun to run).
7. to make a quick, heavy stroke or a series of strokes, as with an ax.
8. Boxing. to throw or deliver a short blow, esp. a downward one while in a clinch.
9. (in tennis, cricket, etc.) to employ or deliver a chop stroke.
10. to go, come, or move suddenly or violently.
11. chop or cut down to size. See cut (def. 49).
12. an act or instance of chopping.
13. a cutting blow.
14. Boxing. a short blow, esp. a downward one, executed while in a clinch.
15. a piece chopped off.
16. an individual cut or portion of meat, as mutton, lamb, veal, or pork, usually one containing a rib.
17. crushed or ground grain used as animal feed.
18. a short, irregular, broken motion of waves; choppiness: There's too much chop for rowing today.
19. rough, turbulent water, as of a sea or lake.
20. See chop stroke.
[1350-1400; ME choppen; var. of CHAP1]
Syn. 1. See cut.
/chop/, v.i., chopped, chopping.
1. to turn, shift, or change suddenly: The wind chopped to the west.
2. to vacillate; change one's mind.
3. Obs.
a. to barter.
b. to bandy words; argue.
4. chop logic, to reason or dispute argumentatively; draw unnecessary distinctions.
[1425-75; var. of obs. chap barter, ME chappen (with vowel as in CHAPMAN), chepen, OE ceapian to trade (deriv. of ceap sale, trade; see CHEAP)]
/chop/, n.
1. Usually, chops. the jaw.
2. chops,
a. the oral cavity; mouth.
b. Slang. the embouchure or technique necessary to play a wind instrument.
c. Slang. musical ability on any instrument, esp. in playing jazz or rock; technical virtuosity.
d. Slang. the music or musical part played by an instrumentalist, esp. a solo passage.
3. an entranceway, as into a body of water.
4. Horol. either of two pieces clasping the end of the suspension spring of a pendulum.
5. bust one's chops, Slang. to exert oneself.
6. bust someone's chops, Slang. to annoy with nagging or criticism: Stop busting my chops - I'll get the job done.
7. lick one's chops, to await with pleasure; anticipate; relish: He was already licking his chops over the expected inheritance.
Also, chap.
[1350-1400; ME; perh. special use of CHOP1]
/chop/, n.
1. an official stamp or seal, or a permit or clearance, esp. as formerly used in India and China.
2. a design, corresponding to a brand or trademark, stamped on goods to indicate their identity or quality.
3. the signature stamp of an artist, printmaker, etc., testifying to the authenticity of a work.
4. quality, class, or grade: a musician of the first chop.
[1605-15; < Hindi chap impression, stamp]

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