/sha blee", sheuh-, shah-, shab"lee/; Fr. /shann blee"/, n., pl. Chablis /sha bleez", sheuh-, shah-, shab"leez/; Fr. /shann blee"/.
1. a dry white wine from the Burgundy region in France.
2. a similar wine produced elsewhere.
[1660-70; named after Chablis, a town in the region]

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      classic white wine of France, made from chardonnay grapes grown in strictly delimited areas surrounding the village of Chablis and along the Serein River in the district of Yonne in northern Burgundy. Chablis is noted for its distinctively dry, full-bodied, somewhat acidic character and a rather austere aroma described in wine terminology as “flinty.”

      Chablis vineyards are classified according to several categories. Those producing rather undistinguished, light, quick-maturing wines are designated Petit Chablis. The best wines come from any of the seven vineyards ranked grand cru (“great growth”): Vaudésir, Les Clos, Grenouilles, Valmur, Blanchots, Preuses, and Bougros. In good vintages wines from the more numerous premier cru (“first growth”) vineyards can be almost as fine.

      In the 20th century the name chablis has been loosely appropriated as a generic term for numerous ordinary white wines made elsewhere (notably California). While some of these are agreeable, they typically contain no chardonnay and bear no resemblance to the character of true Chablis.

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