Calydonian /kal'i doh"nee euhn, -dohn"yeuhn/, adj.
/kal"i don'/, n.
an ancient city in W Greece, in Aetolia.

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▪ ancient city, Greece
      ancient Aetolian town in Greece, located on the Euenus (Évinos) River about 6 miles (9.5 km) east of modern Mesolóngion. According to tradition, the town was founded by Calydon, son of Aetolus; Meleager and other heroes hunted the Calydonian boar there (see Meleager); and Calydonians participated in the Trojan War. The Achaeans controlled the town in 389 BC, but after the Battle of Leuctra (Leuctra, Battle of) (371), it was restored to the Aetolians by the Theban general Epaminondas. The Roman emperor Augustus moved its inhabitants to his new city Nicopolis Actia (31 BC). Two miles of the town's walls remain along the Évinos; a temple of Artemis Laphria (“the Forager”) has been excavated.

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