/keuh lash"/, n.
1. Also, calèche. a light vehicle pulled by one or two horses, seating two to four passengers, and having two or four wheels, a seat for a driver on a splashboard, and sometimes a folding top.
2. a folding top of a carriage.
3. calèche (def. 1).
4. a bonnet that folds back like the top of a calash, worn by women in the 18th century.
[1660-70; < F calèche < G Kalesche < Czech kolesa carriage, lit., wheels; see WHEEL]

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 (from Czech kolesa: “wheels”), also called Calèche, or Barouche, any of various open carriages, with facing passenger seats and an elevated coachman's seat joined to the front of the shallow body, which somewhat resembled a small boat. A characteristic falling hood over the rear seat gave the name calash to any folding carriage top. Most of the vehicles had four wheels, but some had two. A type used especially in Quebec was two wheeled, with one forward-facing seat, and a driver's seat on the splashboard. Other types were almost identical to chaises and victorias.

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