/boosh"euhl/, n.
1. a unit of dry measure containing 4 pecks, equivalent in the U.S. (and formerly in England) to 2150.42 cubic inches or 35.24 liters (Winchester bushel), and in Great Britain to 2219.36 cubic inches or 36.38 liters (Imperial bushel). Abbr.: bu., bush.
2. a container of this capacity.
3. a unit of weight equal to the weight of a bushel of a given commodity.
4. a large, unspecified amount or number: a bushel of kisses.
[1250-1300; ME bu(i)sshel < MF boissel, equiv. to boisse unit of measure ( < Gaulish *bostia; cf. MIr bas, bos palm of the hand, handbreadth) + -el n. suffix]
busheler; esp. Brit., busheller, n.
/boosh"euhl/, v.t., busheled, busheling or (esp. Brit.) bushelled, elling.
to alter or repair (a garment).
[1875-80, Amer.; < G bosseln to patch < F bosseler to emboss; see BOSS2]

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      unit of capacity in the British Imperial (British Imperial System) and the United States Customary systems of measurement. In the British system the units of liquid and dry capacity are the same, and since 1824 a bushel has been defined as 8 imperial gallons, or 2,219.36 cubic inches (36,375.31 cubic cm). In the United States the bushel is used only for dry measure. The U.S. level bushel (or struck bushel) is equal to 2,150.42 cubic inches (35,245.38 cubic cm) and is considered the equivalent of the Winchester bushel, a measure used in England from the 15th century until 1824. A U.S. level bushel is made up of 4 pecks (peck), or 32 dry quarts. Two bushels make up a unit called a strike. In 1912 the U.S. Court of Customs defined a “heaped bushel” for measuring quantities of apples as 2,747.715 cubic inches (45,035.04 cubic cm). In the British Isles various cubic capacities and weights for the bushel have existed since the 13th century depending on the product to be sold or transported. It derived ultimately from the Old French boissel, from boisse, a measure of grain.

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