/brooh"hah hah', brooh'hah hah", brooh hah"hah/, n.
1. excited public interest, discussion, or the like, as the clamor attending some sensational event; hullabaloo: The brouhaha followed disclosures of graft at City Hall.
2. an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil, etc., esp. a broil over a minor or ridiculous cause: A brouhaha by the baseball players resulted in three black eyes.
[1885-90; < F, orig. brou, ha, ha! exclamation used by characters repr. the devil in the 16th-cent. drama; perh. < Heb, distortion of the recited phrase barukh habba (beshem adhonai) "blessed is he who comes (in the name of the Lord)" (Ps. 118:26)]

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