/boy/, n.
1. a male child, from birth to full growth, esp. one less than 18 years of age.
2. a young man who lacks maturity, judgment, etc.
3. Informal. a grown man, esp. when referred to familiarly: He liked to play poker with the boys.
4. a son: Sam's oldest boy is helping him in the business.
5. a male who is from or native to a given place.
6. boys, (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
a. a range of sizes from 8 to 20 in garments made for boys.
b. a garment in this size range.
c. the department or section of a store where these garments are sold.
7. boys, military personnel, esp. combat soldiers: Support the boys overseas.
8. Disparaging and Offensive. a man considered by the speaker to be inferior in race, nationality, or occupational status.
9. a young male servant; page.
10. Offensive. (in India, China, Japan, etc.) a native male servant, working as a butler, waiter, houseboy, etc.
11. Naut. an apprentice seaman or fisherman.
12. an exclamation of wonder, approval, etc., or of displeasure or contempt.
[1250-1300; ME boy(e), perh. after OE Boia man's name; c. Fris boi young man; akin to OE bofa, ON bofi, OHG Buobo man's name (G Bube knave, (dial.) boy, lad)]

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