Bohemian Forest

Bohemian Forest
a wooded mountain range in central Europe, on the boundary between the SW Czech Republic and SE Germany. Highest peak, Arber, 4780 ft. (1455 m). German, Böhmerwald.

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German Böhmer Wald

Mountain range, central Europe.

It lies along the boundary between Bavaria (Germany) and Bohemia (Czech Republic), extending northwest-southeast from the Ohre River to the Danube River valley in Austria. Its highest point, the Arber, rises 4,780 ft (1,457 m). It is the source of the Vltava (Moldau) River.

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German  Böhmer Wald , or  Böhmerwald , Czech  Šumava 

      forested southwestern highlands of the Bohemian Massif largely on the German–Czech Republic frontier and extending from the upper valley of the Ohre River, in the northwest, to a section of the Danube River valley in Austria (between Melk and Krems), in the southeast. The nomenclature of the subranges that compose the highlands is intricate and confused. The main group, the Šumava in the Czech Republic and Hinterer Wald in Germany, averages 3,500 feet (1,100 m) and rises to the summits of Grosser Arber (Javor; 4,777 feet [1,456 m]) on the Bavarian (western) side and Plechý (Plöckenstein; 4,521 feet [1,378 m]) on the Czech (eastern) side. The Šumava is the source for the Vltava (Vltava River) (German: Moldau) River, which cuts a broad trough through part of the region and is a source of hydroelectric power. Forests, both coniferous and deciduous, cover more than a third of the range, and the population is sparse. There are some mineral deposits and stone quarries. To the northwest, the much lower range of the Český les (Oberpfälzerwald Mountains) is separated from the main group (the Šumava and Hinterer Wald) by a depression that extends roughly between the towns of Cham, Furth im Wald, and Domažlice (German: Taus). The gradients there are gentler and the hills largely cleared for upland farming. The Regen and Ilz rivers also rise in the Bohemian Forest. The parallel and lower ranges of the Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald) lie in German territory to the southwest. The Bohemian Forest is noted for its glass industry and its lumber-milling activities.

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