/blee"deuhr/, n.
1. a person who bleeds abnormally because of low clotting rate; hemophiliac.
2. a person or animal that bleeds easily, esp. an athlete or racehorse.
3. a person who draws blood from a sick person; phlebotomist.
4. Slang. a person who drains another of money, resources, etc.; parasite or usurer.
5. Metall. an ingot or casting from which some metal has escaped.
6. Also called bleeder resistor. Elect. a resistor that is connected across a power supply for voltage regulation and to dissipate the charge remaining in capacitors when the power is discontinued.
7. Also called bleeder valve. a valve or opening for draining a tank, tubing, etc.
8. Brit. Slang.
a. a despicable person.
b. a person, esp. a man; fellow.
[1780-90; BLEED + -ER1]

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