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  • chondromatous — Pertaining to or manifesting the features of a chondroma. * * * chon·dro·ma·tous (kon droґmə təs) pertaining to or of the nature of cartilage …   Medical dictionary

  • chondromatous — adj. of a chondroma (type of benign tumor) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • chondromatous — chon·drom·a·tous …   English syllables

  • chondromatous — adjective see chondroma …   Useful english dictionary

  • chondroma — chondromatous, adj. /kon droh meuh/, n., pl. chondromas, chondromata / meuh teuh/. Pathol. a benign cartilaginous tumor or growth. [CHONDR + OMA] * * * …   Universalium

  • Bone tumor — Classification and external resources Micrograph of an osteosarcoma, a malignant primary bone tumor. ICD 10 C …   Wikipedia

  • Osteosarcoma — Classification and external resources Intermediate magnification micrograph of an osteosarcoma (center and right of image) adjacent to non malignant bone (left bottom of image). The top right of the image has poorly differentiated tumor. Osteoid… …   Wikipedia

  • Chondrosarcoma — Classification and external resources Histopathologic image of chondrosarcoma of the chest wall. Surgical resection of recurrent mass. H E stain. ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • Chondroma — Classification and external resources ICD 10 D16, D21 ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • Osteochondroma — Classification and external resources Lateral radiograph of the knee demonstrating ossification in the peritendinous tissues in a patient with osteochondroma. ICD 10 C40 C41 …   Wikipedia

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