/aw"toh hahrp'/, Trademark.
a zither having buttons that when depressed damp all strings except those to be sounded, the undamped strings being strummed to produce simple chords.

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German  Akkordzither , Akkordzither also called  Volkszither 
 stringed instrument of the zither family popular for accompaniment in folk music and country and western music (country music). A musician may position the instrument on a table, on the lap while seated, or resting against the left shoulder. An autoharp player strums the strings with a stiff felt or plastic pick held in the right hand or less commonly with the thumb of the right hand, while the left hand operates button-controlled bars that damp all strings except those of the selected chords. Autoharps may be tuned diatonically (i.e., using a scale or scales based on seven steps to the octave) or chromatically (i.e., using 12 semitones to the octave), and the number of chord bars varies from as few as 3 to as many as 27, with 15- and 21-chord models being the most popular. The instrument has been used for teaching simple harmony.

      The Akkordzither was invented by Karl August Gütter of Markneukirchen, Germany. In 1882 a U.S. patent for the autoharp (a modified version of the Akkordzither) was granted to Charles F. Zimmerman, a German emigré. His patent was later acquired by Alfred Dolge (1848–1922), a New York City piano-equipment manufacturer. Dolge distributed the instrument throughout the United States through door-to-door and mail-order sales. However, the instrument known by musicians as the autoharp (and distributed by Dolge) is identical to Gütter's original Akkordzither; Zimmerman's patented autoharp was never put into use by musicians (if indeed it ever was manufactured)—the two instruments are not one and the same.

      In the 1920s Ernest (“Pop”) Stoneman developed an Appalachian folk style of plucking and strumming the strings and began making recordings. The instrument was also made popular by Maybelle Carter (Carter, Maybelle), affiliated after World War II with the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

      The Japanese autoharp is based on the nichigenkin, a type of two-stringed koto, and is named taishōgoto after the Taishō period (1912–26), when it was invented. This instrument continues to appeal to amateurs in Japan, as well as in Hawaii, Argentina, and India.

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