aureately, adv.aureateness, n.
/awr"ee it, -ayt'/, adj.
1. golden or gilded.
2. brilliant; splendid.
3. characterized by an ornate style of writing or speaking.
[1400-50; late ME aureat < LL aureatus decorated with gold, equiv. to L aure(us) golden, of gold (aur(um) gold + -eus adj. suffix) + -atus -ATE1]

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      a writing style that is affected, pompous, and heavily ornamental, that uses rhetorical flourishes excessively, and that often employs interlarded foreign words and phrases. The style is usually associated with the 15th-century French, English, and Scottish writers. The word is from the Middle English (Middle English language) aureat, “golden” or “splendid,” and was probably coined on the basis of the Latin words auratus (“gilded”) and aureus (“golden”).

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