/euh rownd"/, adv.
1. in a circle, ring, or the like; so as to surround a person, group, thing, etc.: The crowd gathered around.
2. on all sides; about: His land is fenced all around.
3. in all directions from a center or point of reference: He owns the land for miles around.
4. in a region or area neighboring a place: all the country around.
5. in circumference: The tree was 40 inches around.
6. in a circular or rounded course: to fly around and around.
7. through a sequence or series, as of places or persons: to show someone around.
8. through a recurring period, as of time, esp. to the present or a particular time: when spring rolls around again.
9. by a circuitous or roundabout course: The driveway to the house goes around past the stables.
10. to a place or point, as by a circuit or circuitous course: to get around into the navigable channel.
11. with a rotating course or movement: The wheels turned around.
12. in or to another or opposite direction, course, opinion, etc.: Sit still and don't turn around. After our arguments, she finally came around.
13. back into consciousness: The smelling salts brought her around.
14. in circulation, action, etc.; about: He hasn't been around lately. The play has been around for years. When will she be up and around?
15. somewhere near or about; nearby: I'll be around if you need me.
16. to a specific place: He came around to see me.
17. been around, having had much worldly experience: He's been around and isn't likely to be taken in.
18. about; on all sides; encircling; encompassing: a halo around his head.
19. so as to encircle, surround, or envelop: to tie paper around a package.
20. on the edge, border, or outer part of: a skirt with fringe around the bottom.
21. from place to place in; about: to get around town.
22. in all or various directions from: to look around one.
23. in the vicinity of: the country around Boston.
24. approximately; about: It's around five o'clock.
25. here and there in: There are many cafés around the city.
26. somewhere in or near: to stay around the house.
27. to all or various parts of: to wander around the country.
28. so as to make a circuit about or partial circuit to the other side of: to go around the lake; to sail around a cape.
29. reached by making a turn or partial circuit about: the church around the corner.
30. so as to revolve or rotate about a center or axis: the earth's motion around its axis.
31. personally close to: Only the few advisers around the party leader understood his real motives.
32. so as to get by a difficulty: They got around the lack of chairs by sitting on the floor.
33. so as to have a foundation in: The novel is built around a little-known historical event.
[1250-1300; ME around(e). See A-1, ROUND]

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