/ah"oo dad'/, n.
a wild sheep, Ammotragus lervia, of northern Africa, having a long fringe of hair on the throat, chest, and forelegs. Also called Barbary sheep.
[1860-65; < F < Berber, equiv. to a- masc. sing. prefix + udad ram]

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also called  Barbary sheep 
 North African goatlike mammal of the family Bovidae (bovid) (order Artiodactyla (artiodactyl)). This species has been inappropriately called a sheep, although recent genetic (genetics) information reveals that it is much more closely related to wild goats. The aoudad stands about 102 cm (40 inches) at the shoulder. It has a fringe of long, soft hair hanging from its throat and forequarters and has semicircular horns that curve outward, back, and then inward over the neck. Both fringe and horns are more pronounced in the male. The aoudad occurs in dry, mountainous, or rocky country and lives in small family groups. It can go without water for about five days. When threatened, the aoudad stands motionless and is concealed by its tawny brown coat, which blends in with the surrounding rocks. It is considered vulnerable to extinction in all its natural range, where only scattered, small populations survive; it is probably extinct in Egypt. Introduced to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico for hunting purposes, it has established thriving populations there, where it outcompetes indigenous ungulates (ungulate) such as desert bighorn sheep.

Sandro Lovari

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