Orange Order

Orange Order

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▪ Irish political society
also called  Loyal Orange Association,  original name  Orange Society,  byname  Orangemen,  

      an Irish Protestant and political society, named for the Protestant William of Orange, who, as King William III of Great Britain, had defeated the Roman Catholic king James II.

      The society was formed in 1795 to maintain the Protestant ascendancy in Ireland in the face of rising demands for Catholic Emancipation. Enmity between Roman Catholics and Protestants had always been endemic in Ireland and was much exacerbated in the 17th century by the introduction into Ulster of Presbyterian settlers, by the rebellion of 1641, and by the war of 1688–91, when the Catholic king James II attempted to maintain in Ireland the power he had lost in England. Intersectarian feeling became especially bad again in the 1790s, especially in County Armagh, where Protestants, known as the “Peep o' Day Boys,” attacked their Catholic neighbours. After a major confrontation in 1795, known as the Battle of the Diamond, the Orange Society was formed as a secret society, with lodges spreading throughout Ireland and ultimately into Great Britain and various British dominions. In 1835, with the Orange Society in mind, the House of Commons petitioned the king to abolish societies that were secret and that excluded persons on the ground of religion. Some official attempts were made to discourage the provocative Orange processions, the most notable of which is held annually on July 12, the anniversary of the Battle of Aughrim, at which William III's generals were finally victorious in Ireland. The Orange Society strengthened resistance in Ulster to the Irish Home Rule Bill of 1912 and has continued as a bastion of Protestant Unionist opinion.

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