To lead.
Derivatives include wanton, team, duke, subdue, and educate.
a. tug; wanton, from Old English tēon, to pull, draw, lead;
b. Zugunruhe, zugzwang, from Old High German ziohan, to pull. Both a and b from Germanic *teuhan.
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *duk-ā-. tow1, taut, from Old English togian, to draw, drag, from Germanic *tugōn.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *douk-eyo-. tie, from Old English *tīegan, tīgan, to bind.
4. Suffixed o-grade form *douk-mo-. team, from Old English tēam, descendant, family, race, brood, team, from Germanic *tau(h)maz.
5. teem1, from Old English tēman, tīeman, to beget, from Germanic denominative *tau(h)mjan.
7. Suffixed zero-grade form *duk-ā-. educate, from Latin ēducāre, to lead out, bring up (ē- < ex-, out; see eghs).
[Pokorny deuk- 220.]

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