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  • brat — noun derogatory or humorous a badly behaved child. Derivatives brattish adjective brattishness noun bratty adjective Origin C16: perh. an abbrev. of synonymous Scots bratchet, from OFr. brachet hound, bitch …   English new terms dictionary

  • brattish — /ˈbrætɪʃ/ (say bratish) adjective 1. resembling or in the manner of a brat. 2. displaying an insolence regarded as characteristic of an ill disciplined child. {brat + t + ish1} –brattishly, adverb –brattishness, noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • brat — [brat] n. [ME, cloak of coarse cloth < OE bratt < Gael, mantle, cloth, rag: present sense ? from child s bib or apron] 1. a child, esp. an impudent, unruly child: scornful or playful term 2. Slang the son or daughter of a person in a… …   English World dictionary

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