Bo·ro·bu·dur (bôr'ə-bə-do͝orʹ, bōr'-)
A ruined Buddhist shrine in central Java, Indonesia. Dating probably from the ninth century, the ruins include intricately carved stone blocks illustrating episodes in the life of Buddha.

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Buddhist monument in central Java, built с 778–850 under the Shailendra dynasty.

Constructed with about 2 million cu ft (57,000 cu m) of gray volcanic stone, it resembles a stepped pyramid. Its base and first five terraces are square; the highest three terraces are circular. Reliefs on its terrace walls represent the ascending stages of enlightenment. The simple and spacious upper circular terraces carry 72 bell-shaped stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha.

Borobuḍur, Java, Indonesia.

Robert Harding Picture Library/Photobank BKK

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also spelled  Barabuḍur,  or  Baraboedoer, 
massive Buddhist monument in central Java, Indonesia, 26 miles (42 km) northwest of Yogyakarta. The Borobudur monument combines the symbolic forms of the stupa (a Buddhist commemorative mound usually containing holy relics), the temple mountain (based on Mount Meru (Meru, Mount) of Hindu mythology), and the mandala (a mystic Buddhist symbol of the universe, combining the square as Earth and the circle as heaven). The style of Borobudur was influenced by Indian Gupta (Gupta dynasty) and post-Gupta art. The monument was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991.

 Borobudur was constructed between about AD 778 and 850, under the Shailendra dynasty. It was buried under volcanic ash from about 1000 and overgrown with vegetation until discovered by the English lieutenant governor Thomas Stamford Raffles (Raffles, Sir Stamford) in 1814. A team of Dutch archaeologists restored the site in 1907–11. A second restoration was completed by 1983.

 Built with about 2,000,000 cubic feet (56,600 cubic metres) of gray volcanic stone, Borobudur encloses a small hill and is shaped like a stepped pyramid with three major levels—a square base, a middle level of five square terraces, and an upper level of three circular terraces—totaling, in effect, nine lesser sections (the number nine is mystic in Buddhism). The centre, 115 feet (35 metres) above the base, consists of a large individual stupa.

 Each of the monument's three main levels represents a stage on the way to the bodhisattva ideal of enlightenment (Buddha); symbolizing this spiritual journey, a pilgrim begins at the eastern stairway and walks clockwise around each of the monument's nine levels before reaching the top, a distance of more than 3 miles (5 km). At the lowest level, which is partially hidden, are hundreds of reliefs of earthly desires, illustrating kāma-dhātu (“the realm of feeling”), the lowest sphere of the Mahāyāna Buddhist universe. On the next level, a series of reliefs depict rūpa-dhātu (the middle sphere and “the realm of form”) through events in the life of the Gautama Buddha and scenes from the Jātakas (stories of his previous lives). The upper level illustrates arūpa-dhātu, “the realm of formlessness,” or detachment from the physical world; there is little decoration, but lining the terraces are 72 bell-shaped stupas, many still containing a statue of the Buddha, partly visible through the perforated stonework. During the Waicak ceremony, which occurs once a year during a full moon, thousands of saffron-robed Buddhist monks walk in solemn procession to Borobudur to commemorate the Buddha's birth, death, and enlightenment.

      For further treatment of the architecture and symbolism of the monument, see Southeast Asian arts: Borobudur (Southeast Asian arts).

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