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  • Weaponeering — Should this be shifted to wiki dictionary? Weaponeering is the field of designing an attack with weapons. Weaponeering is a portmanteau of weapon and engineering. See also *Demolition External links * [http://thisamericanlife.com/ra/300.ram This… …   Wikipedia

  • weaponeering — The process of determining the quantity of a specific type of lethal or nonlethal weapons required to achieve a specific level of damage to a given target, considering target vulnerability, weapons effect, munitions delivery accuracy, damage… …   Military dictionary

  • Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness — A Joint Staff level organization tasked to produce generic target vulnerability and weaponeering studies. The special operations working group is a subordinate organization specializing in studies for special operations. Also called JTCG ME …   Military dictionary

  • JAWS — Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual (JMEM)/air to surface weaponeering system …   Military dictionary

  • Neil Woodward — Neil W. Woodward NASA Astronaut Nationality American Status Retired …   Wikipedia

  • weaponeer — I. |wepə|ni(ə)r noun ( s) Etymology: weapon (I) + eer : one who activates an atomic bomb into readiness for release upon a target II. intransitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) : to engage in developing and perfecting military weapons …   Useful english dictionary

  • weap|on|eer|ing — «WEHP uh NIHR ihng», noun. the design or production of weapons: »Contemporary weaponeering is essentially a process of miniaturization; of packing more devastation into a smaller and more portable warhead (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) …   Useful english dictionary