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  • Suffixion — Suf*fix ion, n. The act of suffixing, or the state of being suffixed. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • suffixion — noun the process of having or adding a suffix to something …   Wiktionary

  • suffixion — n. addition of a suffix …   English contemporary dictionary

  • suffixion — suffixāˈtion or suffixˈion noun • • • Main Entry: ↑suffix …   Useful english dictionary

  • Suffixment — Suf*fix ment, n. Suffixion. [R.] Earle. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • S-form — The s formWoodward, 2004, Ch. 1] is the British English phenomenon (predominantly in speech [Woodward, 2004, Ch. 5.1] ) of suffixing the letter s to business names (especially to the names of supermarkets) where there is not one present in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Japanische Sprache und Literatur — Japanische Sprache und Literatur. Die japanische Sprache, deren älteste uns bekannte literarische Denkmäler vor etwa anderthalbtausend Jahren entstanden sind, schließt sich in ihrem Charakter eng an den uralaltaischen Sprachstamm an. Auch sie ist …   Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • suffix — suffixal /suf ik seuhl, seuh fik /, adj. suffixation /suf ik say sheuhn/, suffixion /seuh fik sheuhn/, n. n. /suf iks/; v. /suf iks, seuh fiks /, n. 1. Gram. an affix that follows the element to which it is added, as ly in …   Universalium

  • suffix — 1. noun /ˈsʌfɪks,ˈsʌfɪks,səˈfɪks/ one or more letters or sounds added at the end of a word to modify the words meaning, such as able, which changes sing into singable, for example 2. verb /ˈsʌfɪks,ˈsʌfɪks,səˈfɪks/ to append (something) to the end …   Wiktionary

  • suffix — /ˈsʌfɪks / (say sufiks) noun 1. Grammar an affix which follows the element to which it is added, as ly in kindly. 2. something suffixed. –verb (t) 3. Grammar to add as a suffix. 4. to affix at the end of something: to suffix a syllable to a word …   Australian English dictionary

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