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  • basipetally — adverb see basipetal …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • basipetally — adverb see basipetal …   Useful english dictionary

  • basipetal — basipetally, adv. /bay sip i tl/, adj. Bot., Mycol. growing or moving toward the base of a structure or part. [1865 70; BASI(S) + petal < L pet(ere) to seek + AL1; cf. CENTRIPETAL] * * * …   Universalium

  • basipetal — adjective Etymology: Latin basis + petere to go toward more at feather Date: 1869 proceeding from the apex toward the base or from above downward < basipetal maturation of an inflorescence > • basipetally adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Systemic — may refer to:*Any body system in general, usually the nervous system. *An insecticide or fungicide whose mode of action is via uptake into a plant, entering the pest when the plant is consumed. *Systemic herbicides are translocated throughout… …   Wikipedia

  • Aspergillus — A family of fungal organisms and molds, some of which can cause disease (aspergillosis). * * * A genus of fungi (class Ascomycetes) that contains many species, a number of them with black, brown, or green spores. A few species are pathogenic for… …   Medical dictionary

  • basipetal — [beɪ sɪpɪt(ə)l] adjective Botany (of growth or development) downwards towards the base or point of attachment. Often contrasted with acropetal. Derivatives basipetally adverb Origin C19: from basis + L. petere seek + al …   English new terms dictionary

  • basipetal —   adj. basipetally.   Progressing in direction from distal to proximal; from apex to base.   Cf. acropetal …   Expanded glossary of Cycad terms

  • decurrent —   Extending basipetally from the point of insertion, e.g. Lepidozamia leaflets, where the leaflet base extends downward along the rachis …   Expanded glossary of Cycad terms

  • basipetal — adj. Bot. (of each new part produced) developing nearer the base than the previous one did. Derivatives: basipetally adv. Etymology: BASIS + L petere seek …   Useful english dictionary

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