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  • primogenitary — əd.ˌerē adjective Etymology: Late Latin primogenitus state of being firstborn + English ary : of, relating to, or based on primogeniture primogenitary rules primogenitary succession …   Useful english dictionary

  • primogenitary — praɪməʊ dÊ’enɪtrɪ adj. pertaining to the right of the firstborn child or eldest son to receive the family inheritance …   English contemporary dictionary

  • primogenitary — pri·mo·gen·i·tary …   English syllables

  • primogeniture — primogenitary, primogenital, adj. primogenitureship, n. /pruy meuh jen i cheuhr, choor /, n. 1. the state or fact of being the firstborn of children of the same parents. 2. Law. the system of inheritance or succession by the firstborn,… …   Universalium

  • EMBRYO — (Heb. עֻבָּר, ubbar), a child in the womb of its mother before its head emerges (Sanh. 72b; Sh. Ar., ḤM 425:2), the Hebrew ubbar meaning the unborn child in both the embryonic and fetal stages. Generally speaking, an embryo is incapable of having …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Sau (Rotuman king) — Sau, (often mistranslated as “King”), refers to the role of spiritual leader in pre Christian Rotuman society. The title was neither primogenitary nor held for a lifetime, but rather was cycled through the chiefs of each of Rotuma’s districts.The …   Wikipedia

  • primogenital — See primogenitary. * * * …   Universalium

  • elder — Synonyms and related words: Aaronic priesthood, Bible clerk, Bible reader, Establishment, Father Time, Melchizedek priesthood, Methuselah, Nestor, Old Paar, Seventy, VIP, acolyte, age, alderman, almoner, anagnost, ancestors, antecedent,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • former — Synonyms and related words: aforementioned, aforenamed, aforesaid, ancient, antecedent, antediluvian, anterior, anticipatory, beforementioned, bygone, ci devant, departed, earlier, early, elder, eldest, erstwhile, first, first born, firstling,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • major — Synonyms and related words: ADC, CO, OD, a cut above, above, academic specialty, adult, ahead, aide, aide de camp, area, ascendant, better, big, big league, big name, big time, bigger, biggest, bigwig, bigwigged, brigadier, brigadier general,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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