bare-knuckle [ber′nuk΄əl]
adj., adv.
1. using bare fists rather than boxing gloves [a bare-knuckle prizefight, to fight bare-knuckle]
2. without refinement, compromise, etc.; rough [a bare-knuckle legal battle]: Also bare-knuckled or bare-knuckles or occas. bare-knuckles

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bare-knuck·le (bârʹ nŭk'əl) or bare-knuck·led (-əld) adv.
Without gloves:

boxers fighting bare-knuckle.

1. Wearing no gloves:

an undefeated bare-knuckle champion.

2. Slang. Of a fiercely implacable character:

the bare-knuckle world of commercial real estate.

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