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  • Paroxysmally — Paroxysmal Par ox*ys mal, a. Of the nature of a paroxysm; characterized or accompanied by paroxysms; as, a paroxysmal pain; paroxysmal temper. {Par ox*ys mal*ly}, adv. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Multiple sclerosis signs and symptoms — Main symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis can cause a variety of symptoms: changes in sensation (hypoesthesia), muscle weakness, abnormal muscle spasms, or difficulty moving; difficulties with coordination and balance; problems in… …   Wikipedia

  • paroxysm — paroxysmal, paroxysmic, adj. paroxysmally, adv. /par euhk siz euhm/, n. 1. any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion: paroxysms of rage. 2. Pathol. a severe attack or a sudden increase in intensity of a disease, usually… …   Universalium

  • Western sculpture — ▪ art Introduction       three dimensional artistic forms produced in what is now Europe and later in non European areas dominated by European culture (such as North America) from the Metal Ages (Europe, history of) to the present.       Like… …   Universalium

  • wave — 1. A movement of particles in an elastic body, whether solid or fluid, whereby an advancing series of alternate elevations and depressions, or rarefactions and condensations, is produced. 2. The elevation of the pulse, felt by the finger, or… …   Medical dictionary

  • environmental tilt —    Also referred to as visual tilting, tilting illusion, upside down reversal of seeing, and floor on ceiling phenomenon. All five terms denote a transient illusory percept in which the extracor poreal environment assumes a tilted or upside down… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • palinopsia —    Also referred to as pseudodiplopia. The term palinopsia comes from the Greek words palin (again) and opsis (seeing). It translates as seeing again or seeing multiple identical copies . The original term for this group of visual phenomena was * …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • paliopsia —    A term coined in or shortly before 1949 by the British neurologist Macdonald Critchley (19001997) to denote the phenomenon known today as * palinopsia (i.e. a visual image that persists or recurs paroxysmally after the original object or… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations