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  • organophosphorous — adjective see organophosphorus …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • organophosphorous — or·gano·phosphorous …   English syllables

  • organophosphorous — adjective see organophosphorus …   Useful english dictionary

  • Organophosphorous Hydrolase — (OPH) also known as Phosphotriesterase (PTE) is a naturally occurring enzyme which has the ability to hydrolyse organophosphates. An organophosphate (sometimes abbreviated OP) is the general name for esters of phosphoric acid and is one of the… …   Wikipedia

  • or|ga|no|phos|pho|rous — «AWR guh noh FOS fuhr uhs; fos FAWR , FOHR », adjective. having to do with or containing organophosphorous: »organophosphorous nerve gases, organophosphorous insecticides …   Useful english dictionary

  • malathion — An organophosphorous compound used as an insecticide and veterinary ectoparasiticide; considered to be less toxic than parathion. * * * mal·a·thi·on .mal ə thī ən, .än n a thiophosphate insecticide C10H19O6PS2 with a lower mammalian toxicity than …   Medical dictionary

  • Dimefox — IUPAC name N [dimethylamino(fluoro)phosphoryl] N methylmethanamine …   Wikipedia

  • фосфорорганическое соединение — — [] EN organophosphorous compound Pesticides that contain phosphorous; short lived, but some can be toxic when first applied. (Source: EPAGLO)… …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • dimethoate — noun Etymology: dimethyl + thio acid + 1 ate Date: 1960 an organophosphorous insecticide and miticide C5H12NO3PS2 used especially on crops and ornamental plants …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • organophosphorus — also organophosphorous adjective Date: 1950 of, relating to, or being a phosphorus containing organic compound and especially a pesticide (as malathion) that acts by inhibiting cholinesterase • organophosphorus noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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