Moons of Mars

Moons of Mars

Moons of Mars
property Deimos Phobos
mean distance from centre of planet
(orbital radius) 23,459 km 9,378 km
orbital period (sidereal period) 1.262 44 Earth days 0.318 91 Earth days
mean orbital velocity 1.4 km/s 2.1 km/s
inclination of orbit to planet's equator 1.79° 1.08°
eccentricity of orbit 0.0005 0.0151
rotation period* sync. sync.
radial dimensions 7.5 × 6.1 × 5.2 km 13.3 × 11.1 × 9.3 km
area 525 km2 1,625 km2
mass 1.8 × 1015 kg 1.08 × 1016 kg
mean density 1.8 grams/cm3 1.9 grams/cm3
escape velocity 6 metres/s 10 metres/s
albedo 0.07 0.06
*sync. = synchronous rotation; the rotation and orbital periods are the same.
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