Classic Glacial/Cold and Interglacial/Warm Episodes*, Table

Classic Glacial/Cold and Interglacial/Warm Episodes*, Table


oxygen-18 stage central United States Great Britain northwestern Europe

1 Holocene Holocene, Flandrian Holocene, Flandrian
Wisconsinan Devensian Weichselian
2 late late late
3 middle middle middle
4 or 5a-d early early early
5 or 5e Sangamonian Ipswichian Eemian
6, 8? Illinoian Wolstonian Saalian
6 Warthe
8 Drenthe
Yarmouthian** Hoxnian Holsteinian
12 Kansan** Anglian Elsterian
Aftonian** Cromerian Cromerian complex
Nebraskan** Beestonian Bavel complex
Pre-Pastonian Menapian
Bramertonian Waalian
Baventian Eburonian
Antian Tiglian
Pre-Ludhamian? Pretiglian

*Interglacial/warm episodes in boldface; correlations between areas are not well established
and are not intended for the early portion of the record. **Included informally in the

* * *

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