Selected breeds of terriers

Selected breeds of terriers

Selected breeds of terriers
name origin height in
inches* dogs
(bitches) weight in pounds* dogs
(bitches) characteristics comments
Airedale terrier England 23
(slightly smaller) 40–50
(same) black and tan; wiry, dense coat; well-muscled noted for its intelligence; used in law enforcement
(17–18) 40–50
(same) stocky, muscular build; short ears; pronounced cheek muscles originally bred for fighting; excellent guard dog
Bedlington terrier England 17
(15) 17–23
(same) curly, lamblike coat; ears have fur-tasseled tips originally bred for hunting; noted for its endurance
border terrier England 13
(same) 13–15.5
(11.5–14) otterlike head; hard, wiry, weather-resistant coat excellent watchdog
bull terrier England two sizes: 10–14 and 21–22 24–33 and
50–60 long, egg-shaped head; erect ears; coloured or solid white athletic breed; playful
cairn terrier Scotland 10
(9.5) 14
(13) small-sized but well-muscled; short legs; erect ears; wide, furry face long-lived
fox terrier (smooth coat) England maximum 15
(slightly smaller) 18
(16) folded ears; white with black or black-and-tan markings noted for its remarkable eyesight and keen nose; also wire coat variety
Jack Russell terrier England two sizes: 10–12
and 12–14 11–13 and
13–17 two varieties: smooth or rough; white with brown, black, or red markings; longer legs than other terriers developed by Rev. John Russell for foxhunting; courageous and energetic
Kerry blue terrier Ireland 18–19.5
(17.5–19) 33–40
(proportionately less) soft, wavy coat; muscular body; born black but matures to gray-blue long-lived
Miniature schnauzer (schnauzer) Germany 12–14
(same) 13–15
(same) robust build; rectangular head with thick beard, mustache, and brows excels in obedience competitions
Scottish terrier Scotland 10
(same) 19–22
(18–21) small, compact body; short legs; erect ears; black, wheaten, or brindle also called Scottie; excellent watchdog and vermin controller
(same) 23–35
(same) white coat, short and sturdy bred for courage and stamina
Skye terrier Scotland 10
(9.5) 24
(same) long, low body; prick or drop ears; long coat veils forehead and eyes noted for its loyalty
(17–18) 35–40
(30–35) medium-sized; square outline; soft, silky coat matures late
(10) 13–19
(same) small-sized; rough, wiry coat; small, erect ears originally called Roseneath terrier; bred white after dark-coloured dog was accidentally shot while hunting
*1 inch = 2.54 centimetres; 1 pound = 0.454 kilogram
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