Frequency band designations

Frequency band designations

Frequency band designations
frequency designation frequency range wavelength range
very low frequencies (vlf) 3–30 kilohertz 100,000–10,000 m
low frequencies (lf) 30–300 kilohertz 10,000–1,000 m
medium frequencies (mf) 300–3,000 kilohertz 1,000–100 m
high frequencies* (hf) 3–30 megahertz 100–10 m
very high frequencies (vhf) 30–300 megahertz 10–1 m
ultrahigh frequencies (uhf) 300–3,000 megahertz 1 m–10 cm
superhigh frequencies (shf) 3–30 gigahertz 10–1 cm
*Also called shortwaves.
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