Ziegfeld, Florenz, Jr.

Ziegfeld, Florenz, Jr.

▪ American theatrical producer
byname  Flo Ziegfeld 
born March 21, 1869, Chicago
died July 22, 1932, Hollywood
 American theatrical producer who brought the revue to spectacular heights under the slogan “Glorifying the American Girl.”

      During the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, Ziegfeld managed Sandow, the strong man. In 1896 he turned to theatrical management. His promotion of a French beauty, Anna Held, with press releases about her milk baths brought her fame and set a pattern of star making through publicity. In 1907 he produced in New York City his first revue, The Follies of 1907, modeled on the Folies-Bergère of Paris but less risqué. The revue's combination of seminudity, pageantry, and comedy was repeated successfully for 23 more years, until the advent of the Great Depression ended the annual spectacles. Four other editions appeared after his death, the last in 1957.

      Among the stars developed by Ziegfeld were Marilyn Miller, Will Rogers, Leon Errol, Bert Williams, Fanny Brice, and Eddie Cantor. In addition to the Follies, Ziegfeld also produced the stage successes Sally (1920), Show Boat (1927), Rio Rita (1927), and Bitter Sweet (1929). Ziegfeld married Anna Held in 1897 and, after their divorce in 1913, the actress Billie Burke.

Additional Reading
Biographies include Randolph Carter, The World of Flo Ziegfeld (1974; new and rev. ed., Ziegfeld: The Time of His Life, 1988); and Richard Ziegfeld and Paulette Ziegfeld, The Ziegfeld Touch: The Life and Times of Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. (1993), written by one of Ziegfeld's cousins and that cousin's wife.

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