Zenodotus Of Ephesus

Zenodotus Of Ephesus

▪ Greek scholar

flourished 3rd century BC

      Greek grammarian and first superintendent (from c. 284 BC) of the library at Alexandria (Alexandria, Library of), noted for editions of Greek poets and especially for producing the first critical edition of Homer.

      Zenodotus lived during the reigns of the first two Ptolemies and was a pupil of Philetas of Cos. While serving as superintendent of the library at Alexandria, he directed the work of editing the Greek epic and perhaps the lyric poets. After comparing different manuscripts of Homer, he deleted doubtful lines, transposed others, made emendations, and divided the Iliad and the Odyssey into 24 books each.

      Zenodotus' edition—knowledge of which is derived almost entirely from later scholia on Homer—was severely attacked for its subjectivity by later scholars, notably one of his successors at the library, Aristarchus of Samothrace (c. 217–c. 145 BC) who modified Zenodotus' work.

      Zenodotus also compiled a Homeric glossary, edited the Theogony of Hesiod, and published studies of Pindar and Anacreon, traces of which survive in a papyrus from Oxyrhyncus. He is also said to have written epic poetry.

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