Yáñez, Agustín

Yáñez, Agustín

▪ Mexican writer and statesman
born May 4, 1904, Guadalajara, Mexico
died January 17, 1980, Mexico City

      Mexican novelist, short-story writer, and active political figure whose novels, explorations of their protagonists' social realities, established a major current in 20th-century Mexican fiction.

      Born in a provincial neighbourhood of Guadalajara, Yáñez was enamoured of its traditions and values. As a young man he was a contributor to the journal Bandera de Provincias (“The Province Banner”), which published translations of writers such as Franz Kafka (Kafka, Franz) and James Joyce (Joyce, James). A lawyer by profession, he began to publish novels in the 1940s.

      The novel Al filo del agua (1947; “On the Verge of Rain”; Eng. trans. The Edge of the Storm), his masterpiece, presents life in a typical Mexican village just before the Mexican Revolution. Its use of stream of consciousness, interior monologue, and complex structure anticipates many traits of the Latin American new novel of the 1950s and 1960s. La creación (1959; “The Creation”), a novel that has some of the same characters as Al filo del agua, is an attempt to define the new cultural climate that resulted from the revolution. La tierra pródiga (“The Lavish Land”) appeared in 1960.

      Las tierras flacas (1962; The Lean Lands) shows the effect of industrialization on a peasant society. Tres cuentos (1964; “Three Stories”) and Los sentidos al aire (1964; “The Ways the Wind Blows”), short-story collections, deal with man's attempt to come to grips with time and space. His Obras escogidas (“Selected Works”) were published in 1968.

      Yáñez was governor of the state of Jalisco (1953–59), subsecretary to the president of Mexico (1962–64), and secretary of education (1964–70). Most of his works are set in Jalisco, his native state. Among his nonfiction volumes is Genio y figuras de Guadalajara (1941; “The Character and Personages of Guadalajara”), which recalls the men who developed the city. The essay collections Mitos indígenas (1942; “Native Myths”), El clima espiritual de Jalisco (1945; “The Spiritual Climate of Jalisco”), and Don Justo Sierra (1950) reveal a critical and sensitive mind.

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