Xiao Hong

Xiao Hong

▪ Chinese writer
Wade-Giles romanization  Hsiao Hung , original name  Zhang Naiying 
born June 1, 1911, Hulan county, Heilongjiang province, China
died February 22, 1942, Hong Kong

      Chinese fiction writer known for her novels and stories set in the northeast during the 1930s.

      In order to avoid an arranged marriage, she left home in 1930 and started to lead a vagrant life. In 1932 she met the writer Xiao Jun; from that time on, she lived with him. She wrote her first short story, "Wang asao de si" (“The Death of Sister Wang”), in 1933.

      In 1934 the couple left the Northeast for Qingdao, where Xiao Hong finished her novel Shengsichang (The Field of Life and Death). The same year, they went to Shanghai, where Shengsichang was published in 1935 with the renowned writer Lu Xun's help. Lu Xun praised the novel for its carefully observed depiction of the lives and struggles of ordinary northeasterners. The book received extensive attention from literary circles. After the Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937, Xiao Hong moved about among the cities of Wuhan, Linfen, and Chongqing. She and Xiao Jun separated in 1938, and she married Duanmu Hongliang, also a writer. During an illness in 1940 she wrote the satirical novel Ma Bole. The same year, she moved to Hong Kong, where she finished writing Hulanhe zhuan (1942; Tales of Hulan River). With this semiautobiographical novel, her best-known work, she developed a new kind of “lyric-style fiction” that lies between fiction and nonfiction, prose and verse. She died of respiratory problems shortly after Hong Kong fell to the Japanese.

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