Wesleyan Church

Wesleyan Church

▪ American Protestantism
      U.S. Protestant church, organized in 1968 by the merger of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of America and the Pilgrim Holiness Church. The Wesleyan Methodist Church originated in 1843 after members of the Methodist Episcopal Church withdrew from that church to organize a nonepiscopal, antislavery church. The Pilgrim Holiness Church originated in 1897 by uniting several Holiness groups.

      The Wesleyan Church is considered one of the Holiness Churches. It stresses entire sanctification, a postconversion experience that allows the person to live a sinless life. Members of the church promise not to use, produce, or sell tobacco or alcoholic beverages, and membership in secret societies is forbidden.

      Headquarters are in Marion, Ind.

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