Weinheber, Josef

Weinheber, Josef

▪ Austrian poet

born March 9, 1892, Vienna, Austria
died April 9, 1945, Kirchstetten
 Austrian poet noted for his technical mastery.

      Weinheber's parents died when he was a child, and he spent six unhappy years in an orphanage before an aunt took him to live with her. For many years he worked in the postal service.

      Weinheber's early books, Von beiden Ufern (1923; “From Both Shores”), the autobiographical Das Waisenhaus (1924; “The Orphanage”), and Boot in der Bucht (1926; “Boat in the Bay”), had little success but he achieved fame with Adel und Untergang (1932, enlarged 1934; “Nobleness and Extinction”), a sonnet sequence using the repeated, interlocking lines of terza rima. Späte Krone (1936; “Belated Crown”) indicated his feelings about his late success; in it he used his key imagery of night and dark forces.

      Weinheber made use of a great range of styles, from Viennese popular songs to metaphysical poems, sonnet cycles, odes (ode), and elegies (elegy). His own style developed synthetically, borrowing elements of classical and modern forms. His ideas of poetic language as embodying the essence of the Volk rather than the individual made him a favourite poet of the Nazis. Other important works included Wien wörtlich (1935; “Vienna Revealed in Words”), which cast the poet in the role of the people's singer; O Mensch, gib acht (1937; “Hearken, Ye Men”), a series of vignettes and songs using folk tunes; and Zwischen Göttern und Dämonen (1938; “Between Gods and Demons”), a volume comprising four odes on the poet's vision of reality. Weinheber later released Kammermusik (1939; “Chamber Music”). He committed suicide as the Soviet Red Army approached Vienna in 1945. Hier ist das Wort (1947; “Here Is the Word”) was published posthumously. For a time after World War II his books were proscribed by the Austrian government, but his complete works appeared in five volumes in 1953–56.

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