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 the nettle family comprising about 45 genera of herbs, shrubs, small trees, and a few vines, distributed primarily in tropical regions. The family is typical of the nettle order (Urticales). Many species, especially the nettles (Urtica; see photograph—>) and Australian nettle trees (Laportea), have stinging hairs on the stems and leaves. The leaves are varied and the sap is usually watery. The small, greenish flowers (flower) often form clusters in the leaf axils. Both male and female flowers may be borne on the same plant. The curled stamens of the male flowers straighten quickly as the flowers open, releasing the pollen. The dry, one-seeded fruit often is enclosed by the outer whorl of the flower cluster. The long fibres in the stems of some species, such as ramie (q.v.; Boehmeria nivea), are used in the textile industry.

      One species of Australian nettle tree, Laportea moroides, is cultivated for its raspberry-like flower clusters. Pilea, a genus of creeping plants that includes the artillery plant (P. microphylla), and pellitory (Parietaria), a genus of wall plants, are grown as ornamentals. Baby tears (Helxine soleiroli), a mosslike creeping plant with round leaves, often is grown as a ground cover. The trumpet tree (Cecropia peltata), a tropical American species, has hollow stems that are inhabited by biting ants.

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