tusk shell

tusk shell

also called  elephant's tusk,  elephant's tooth , or  tooth shell 

      any of several marine mollusks of the class Scaphopoda. There are four genera of tusk shells (Dentalium is typical and most common) and more than 350 species. Most tusk shells live in fairly deep water, sometimes to depths of about 4,000 metres (13,000 feet); many deep-sea species are cosmopolitan in distribution.

      Tusk shells are elongated, bilaterally symmetrical (i.e., the external halves are mirror images of one another) animals with a tubular, tusklike shell, open at both ends. The animals are encased in a tubular mantle and breathe through the body surface. At the anterior (front), larger end of the shell is an extensible foot adapted for digging and an imperfectly developed head with slender tentacles, the captacula, that serve as sensory and food-catching organs. The anterior end is usually buried in the sea bottom. The posterior end admits water for respiration and discharges wastes. Tusk shells feed upon such small organisms as protozoans of the order Forminifera and young bivalves. Sexes are separate, and the eggs develop into free-swimming trochophore larvae.

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