also spelled  Tree Creeper,  also called  Creeper, 
 any of a dozen species of small slender birds, with downcurved bills, that spiral up tree trunks in search of insects. They are variously classified in the families Certhiidae and Climacteridae.

      The six species of the genus Certhia constitute the family Certhiidae (order Passeriformes). The best known is C. familiaris, a 13-centimetre- (5-inch-) long streaky brown-and-white bird found in woodlands across the Northern Hemisphere; it is known as treecreeper in Europe and brown creeper in North America. Its tail is stiffened and serves as a prop against the tree. Its nest, a soft cup within a mass of rootlets, is usually placed behind a slab of bark and contains three to nine eggs.

      The six species of Climacteris, known as Australian treecreepers, constitute the family Climacteridae, which is sometimes considered a subfamily of the Sittidae (nuthatches (nuthatch)) or the Meliphagidae (honeyeaters (honeyeater)); formerly, these creepers were included in the family Certhiidae. The Australian treecreepers have brush-tipped tongues and behave rather like honeyeaters, although they resemble certhiids in their drab streaky plumage. As in nuthatches, the tail is not stiffened. The nest, made in a tree hollow, contains one to four eggs. Climacterids are virtually confined to Australia; one species ranges to New Guinea.

      Rhabdornis species (see creeper) are also sometimes placed in the Climacteridae.

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