▪ king of Myanmar
also spelled  Theebaw  
born 1858, Mandalay, Burma
died Dec. 19, 1916, Ratnagiri Fort, India

      last king of Burma, whose short reign (1878–85) ended with the occupation of Upper Burma by the British.

      Thibaw was a younger son of King Mindon (reigned 1853–78) and studied (1875–77) in a Buddhist monastery. As king he was strongly influenced by his wife, Supayalat, and her mother, and his accession to the throne was accompanied by much violence and civil strife.

      In an attempt to enlist the aid of the French against the British, who had annexed Lower Burma during his father's reign, Thibaw's government sent a mission to Paris in 1883. Two years later a commercial treaty was concluded, and a French representative arrived in Mandalay. Rumours circulated that Thibaw's government had granted the French economic concessions in exchange for a political alliance, and British officials in Rangoon, Calcutta, and London began demanding immediate annexation of Upper Burma.

      An occasion for intervention was furnished by the case of the British-owned Bombay-Burmah Trading Corporation, which extracted teak from the Ningyan forest in Upper Burma. When Thibaw charged it with cheating the government, demanding a fine of £100,000, the Indian viceroy, Lord Dufferin, sent an ultimatum to Mandalay in October 1885 demanding a reconsideration of the case. Thibaw ignored the ultimatum, and on Nov. 14, 1885, the British invaded Upper Burma, capturing Mandalay two weeks later. Thibaw was deposed and Upper Burma incorporated into the province of British Burma. Thibaw was exiled to India, where he remained until his death.

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