Takeda Shingen

Takeda Shingen

▪ Japanese military leader
original name  Takeda Harunobu  
born Dec. 1, 1521, Kai province, Japan
died May 13, 1573, Komaba, Shinano province

      one of the most famous of the military leaders who struggled for mastery of the strategic Kantō Plain in central Japan during the chaotic period of civil unrest in the 16th century. Takeda is especially well known for his series of battles with the noted warrior Uesugi Kenshin, not only famous in the annals of Japanese history but also much-celebrated in Japanese drama and folklore.

      Born into the powerful Takeda clan, Shingen entered the priesthood in 1551. Taking priestly vows in no way hampered his participation in worldly affairs, however. After forcing his father to retire as head of the Takeda clan, he assumed that position and began his struggle with Uesugi for mastery of the Kantō. Although their battles were relatively indecisive, Takeda Shingen was recognized as one of the most powerful warriors in central Japan. As such, he posed a threat to the powerful feudal warrior Oda Nobunaga in his attempt to dominate the central government. Just as the conflict with Oda began, however, Takeda was wounded in battle and died.

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