Sture, Sten, The Younger

Sture, Sten, The Younger

▪ regent of Sweden
Danish in full  Sten Svantesson Sture Den Yngre  
born c. 1492, , Sweden
died Feb. 3, 1520, Lake Malar [now in Sweden]

      regent of Sweden from 1513 to 1520. He repeatedly defeated both Danish forces and his domestic opponents, who favoured a union with Denmark, before falling in battle against the Danish king Christian II.

      During the regency (1503–12) of Sten's father, Svante (Nilsson) Sture, the nation was continuously at war with Denmark, and the noble-dominated state council (Riksråd) became increasingly powerful. With anti-Danish, peasant support, Sten wrested power from the state council in 1513, ending the regency of Erik Trolle, leader of the pro-union (with Denmark) faction. Using propaganda and effective displays of force, Sten regained control for the regency over both the Riksråd and the church.

      Between 1517 and 1520, Sten waged a civil war against the forces of Archbishop Gustav Trolle (Trolle, Gustav), head of the Riksråd and leader of the pro-union faction. His imprisonment of Trolle (1517) provoked a papal interdict and an attack from Denmark, which he repelled. After defeating the forces of the Danish king Christian II again in 1518, Sten was killed in battle against a massive Danish army in 1520. His widow, Kristina Nilsdotter Gyllenstierna, led the continuing resistance to Danish rule until her capitulation in September 1520.

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