Shuster, William Morgan

Shuster, William Morgan

▪ American lawyer and publisher
born February 23, 1877, Washington, D.C., U.S.
died May 26, 1960, New York, New York

      U.S. lawyer, civil servant, financial expert, and publisher, who served as treasurer general to the Iranian government (1911).

      Shuster entered the Cuban customs service in 1899 but resigned in 1901 to become collector of customs at Manila, the Philippines. In 1906 he was appointed secretary of public instruction in the Philippines and a member of the Philippine Commission. When the Iranian government appealed in 1910 to the U.S. government for help reorganizing its financial system, Shuster, on the recommendation of President William Howard Taft (Taft, William Howard) (under whom he had served in the Philippines), was chosen to head a party of U.S. financial experts to go to Iran. Shuster's brusque manner and unflinching devotion to duty antagonized the Russian and British governments, both of which had considerable financial interests in Iran. Because of Russian opposition and the threat of armed intervention, the Shuster mission left Tehrān in early 1912. Shuster recounted the history of his mission in his book, The Strangling of Persia (1912). He subsequently turned to publishing, serving as president of the Century Company of New York City (1915–33) and of Appleton-Century Crofts Inc. from 1933 until retirement in 1952.

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